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Hand Crafted. Small Batch. Locally Sourced.

Hand Crafted. Small Batch. Artisnal.



El Cuervo Furioso
coffee Liqueur

El Cuervo Furioso is a wonderful blend of locally roasted, cold-brewed, Guatemalan coffee by our neighbours at Aroma Maya. Blended at the distillery with turbinado sugar, vanilla, and premium cocoas.

375ml | $20.00
750ml | $36.00

SprucE tip Gin    

Spruce Tip Gin is made from spruce tips foraged from spruce trees within 30 minutes of the distillery. Blended with junipers, and other secret botanicals, to make this one-of-a-kind Nova Scotia gin.

(Temporarily out of stock. Back in stock in June.)

Black Crow Dark Rum

Black Crow is our dark rum made from aged Caribbean rum that is then ‘darkened’ at the distillery and seasoned with real vanilla to provide a very pleasant drink. Comes in an easy-sipping 29.4% or a stronger 40.5%.

375ml | $20.00
750ml | $36.00

Rhubarb Liqueur

Our Rhubarb Liqueur is made from locally grown rhubarb either donated by our friends or stolen from their gardens. Flavoured using lemon, tarragon, and lots of love. A wonderful taste of Nova Scotia.

375ml | $20.00

Cajun Chocolate

Cajun Chocolate is our unique distillery product. A great combination of premium cocoas and cayenne pepper that is either a wonderful drink, or an amazing dessert topping. Serve it over ice cream or over an ice cube.
290ml | $15.00

Raven Lunatic    

Raven Lunatic is not for the faint of heart. A vodka with some real Serrano peppers to heat up your favourite drinks.
Enjoy, if you’re brave enough!

375ml | $20.00
750ml | $36.00

Dill Pickle Vodka

Our Dill Pickle Vodka is in honour of our Great-Great-Grandmother Crow who loved her dill pickles, her vodka, and her caesars. Raise a glass of dill pickle vodka Caesar to Grandma Crow!

375ml | $20.00
750ml | $36.00

Honey Liqueur  

Our Honey Liqueur is made with locally produced honey, along with real orange and cinnamon. Some settling in the bottle may occur so just do like we do to the hives when we harvest – give it a little shake!

375ml | $20.00


Nazdrowka is Nova Scotia’s finest, and only, potato vodka. Spuds produce a silky smooth vodka with a long finish. This is practically a health drink if you call it potato juice!
This vodka is intended to be enjoyed on it’s own, either in a martini or over ice.

375ml | $24.00
750ml | $40.00

Maple Vodka

Our Maple Vodka is made with locally harvested maple syrup. Nothing says Spring in Nova Scotia like maple syrup. Can be served over ice cubes, over ice cream, or over your tonsils.

375ml | $20.00
750ml | $36.00

Haskap Gin

Our Haskap Gin is made from locally harvested haskaps, juniper, lemon peel, coriander and vanilla. This gin is jam-packed with antioxidants so it must be good for your health. Enjoy!

375ml | $24.00

Blueberry Liqueur

Our Blueberry Liqueur is made with locally harvested blueberries, along with real lemon. Nova Scotia is the capital for blueberries, and our distillery is the capital for blueberry liqueur.

375ml | $20.00

Ginger Liqueur

Our Ginger Liqueur is made with real ginger. Ginger is high in antioxidants, and is also said to reduce flatulence.  A super food for super sipping. Not a drink that you would expect, but one that you will definitely love.

375ml | $20.00

Rhaging rhum

Rhaging Rhum has been fermented and distilled on site using our special blend of cane sugar and molasses. This unaged rum is just too darn good to hide in a dark, scary barrel for one year. Enjoy! (Coming real soon!)

375ml | $20.00
750ml | $36.00


Vrumka is our charcoal-filtered vodka that has been aged in our rum barrel. Makes an awesome dirty martini. Enjoy!

375ml | $24.00

Prices shown for spirits are in CAD with taxes included.

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Men’s T-Shirt

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